【Tutorial】How to Use purevpn

  • 2023.11.01
  • VPN
【Tutorial】How to Use purevpn

purevpn is the world’s fastest and most reliable VPN service.

In this article I will explain how to get started and use purevpn.

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\31-day money back guarantee/


purevpn is the world’s fastest and most reliable VPN service.

It can be used to protect your online privacy and bypass Internet restrictions.

Features of purevpn include fast and secure connections, preservation of anonymity, and data encryption.

It is available on many devices and platforms with over 3 million satisfied users.

purevpn also offers a 31-day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your usage, you can request a refund within 31 days of initiation.


purevpn features are summarized as follows

Monthly $12.45 $16.95 $20.45
Yearly $38.52 $69.84 $59.52
2 year $48.72 $73.68 $82.56
Password manager ×
File encryption ×
Privacy manager × ×

\31-day money back guarantee/

purevpn prices

The following is a summary of purevpn prices

Monthly Yearly 2 year
STANDARD $12.45 $38.52 $48.72
PLUS $16.95 $69.84 $73.68
MAX $20.45 $59.52 $82.56


Monthly $12.45
Yearly $38.52
2 year $48.72

Full-featured high-speed VPN is available in the STANDARD plan.


Monthly $16.95
Yearly $69.84
2 year $73.68

The PLUS plan offers a password manager and file encryption in addition to VPN.


Monthly $20.45
Yearly $59.52
2 year $82.56

In addition to VPN, the MAX plan offers a password manager, file encryption, and a personal privacy manager.

\31-day money back guarantee/

How to Use purevpn

Create account

Access the officialpurevpn website.

\31-day money back guarantee/

Click on “Get PureMax now”.

Click on “Get Max Plan”.

Enter the information required for account registration.

Enter your “Email Address” and “Password”.

Click on “Credit Card or Debit Card”.

Enter payment information.

Card holder name Enter Card holder name
Card number Enter Card number
MM / YY Enter expiration date
CVC Enter security code

Click on “Pay with Credit Card”.

Go to the purevpn dashboard.


Access the official purevpn website.

\31-day money back guarantee/

Click on “Login”.

Enter your “Email Address” and “Password”.

Click on “Login”.

Once you are able to log in to purevpn, you will be taken to the dashboard.

You are now logged into purevpn.

\31-day money back guarantee/