【Tutorial】How to Use podia

【Tutorial】How to Use podia

PODIA, an all-in-one business platform for selling online courses, webinars, and digital data.

In this article, we will show you how to get started and use podia.

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podia is an all-in-one business platform that allows you to sell online courses, webinars, and digital data.

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podia allows you to create a website, sell products, and send emails.

With podia, you create your own website for free and easily.

There are many colorful and beautiful designs.

You can even sell your own products and courses on your website.

You can also easily set up a way to receive money.


With podia you can also do email marketing.

You can send emails to announcements and advertisements.

There are many templates available, so it is easy to use.

podia makes it easy to get started, even if you are new to creating websites and sending emails.


podia features are summarized as follows

Free Mover Shaker
fee 8% 0% 0%
course 1 unlimited unlimited
download 1
webinar × ×
coupon ×
mail send 250 5,000 15,000
logo ×
affiliate × ×

podia is available for a free trial.

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podia prices

The following is a summary of podia prices

Monthly Annual
Free Free Free
Mover $39 $396
Shaker $89 $900


Monthly Free
Annual Free

Free plan is available for free.

You can create only one course.

Try out the performance of podia with the Free plan first.


Monthly $39
Annual $396

Mover plan allows unlimited course creation.

Digital downloads and coupons are available with the Mover plan.

You can also send up to 5,000 emails.

However, the disadvantage of the Mover plan is that the podia logo will appear on the site.


Monthly $89
Annual $900

Shaker plan allows unlimited course creation.

Shaker plan includes all the features of the Mover plan plus the ability to use affiliate functionality.

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How to Use podia

Create account

Access the official podia website.

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Click on “Get your free account”.

Enter the information required for account registration.

Enter “Name” and “mail address” ,“password”.

Click on “Get started”.

You will be sent an email for authentication.

Click on “Confirm your email”.

Go to the podia dashboard.


Click on “View plans”.

Click on “Upgrade plan” under Mover PLAN.

Enter payment information.

Select monthly of yearly.

Payment method Enter “Card number”,”Expiration date”,”Security code”
Postal Code Enter Postal Code
Country Select your contry

Click on “Upgrade”.

You are now ready to upgrade.


Access the official podia website.

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Click on “Login” in the upper right corner.

Enter your “Email Address” and “Password

Click on “Login”.

Once you are able to log in to podia, you will be taken to the dashboard.

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